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Cost Effectiveness

Formulary Management

When used properly, a formulary can be used as a means to reduce medical costs, improve patient accessibility to affordable health care and enhance the resident’s quality of life. Family Care’s formulary is continually revised to include new cost effective therapy.

Therapeutic Substitution Program

In collaboration with the School of Pharmacy faculty, Family Care Pharmacy has developed a therapeutic interchange program that involves dispensing of chemically different drugs that are in the same pharmaceutical class and considered to be therapeutically equivalent. This program involves pharmacy interaction with physicians and nursing staff to create appropriate and cost effective care for your residents. This is an exciting new program that has met with approval from numerous physicians.

Managed Care Contraction - PPS - Capitation Program

Family Care’s goals of cost containment are reflected in our various pricing options offered to your facility. Capable of adapting to specific needs, we can offer capitation billing for managed care contracts and PPS.

Pharmacist Intervention

Family Care’s pharmacists are continually searching for cost effective interventions without jeopardizing the safety, comfort, or well-being of our patients. Reviews for duplication of therapy, drug-drug interactions, drug-food interactions, and disease management protocol place the safety of your residents first.


Family Care Pharmacy is capable of billing online for most third-party insurance plans. Residents enrolled in these plans are only billed for copays stipulated by their plan.

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